Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More paranoid ranting from John Sunol

No emails for a while. But John Sunol has posted more bile on his site. Not sure why, the info mentioned in this post is years old. Seems he's just angry again.

Pirate of Zgeek is a "lying asshole"

He talks "shit" and this is full of lies.

Yes he did give evidence, he did tell a big porkie as the then man called Henry Collier set me up for political reasons.

Yes i was found guilty, but this was a civil case, "definitely not a criminal case" or I would not be driving a Taxi let alone a Taxi operator who is going to lease or buy a cab in the coming year 2012/ (A taxi driver must be of good character and good repute and classed a fit and proper person to drive a Taxi - and for an accredited operator which i am it is more harsh.) If you go behind bars and get a criminal record for inappropriate actions or a criminal offense you immediately have your taxi authority and accreditation suspended by the Ministry of Infrastructure and transport as that is part of the legislation for requirement to be able to run for a taxi. Also I was able to run for public office, in the council before and I will again in 2012 and to do this I must have a clean record as to criminal offenses with the Police, no record or no suspended conviction.

I have none and these cases that Henry Collier found against me have been done in fraud and the Gary Burns is going me for are all Civil not criminal and have no effect upon my taxi authority or accreditation. (Note Gary Burns knows nothing of me except what he has seen on the net and allot of this is defamation as put out by Pirate and others from Zgeek)
The Ministry of transport and infrastructure all know my past as I spelled it out.

This is a civil fight between myself and those goons on Zgeek, Gary Burns and the Rod Swift who put up You Tubes and a big site full of lies. It is nothing to do with that this trouble maker Pirate is telling Zgeek on this site.

I also oppose Rod Swift and his site which is full of lies as well as Rod Swift is another goon who listens to these idiots, as with a Tim that I originally had dealings with and he took me on as well back in 1999 when I as at University.

I am dealing with trouble makers, activists and unethical people who want a change of law to the detriment of all people in Australia - I was trained as a social activist, I have a Bachelor of social science major in social change and activism at the University of Newcastle 1998 and a Master of Commerce in Marketing (publicity) Wollongong Uuniversity 2004.
I would not have these degrees if these liars were right.


Below a cut out of this web site as written by Pirate on his site Zgeek.

"Department of cunts" - I say to you if Pirate could even allow a site like this, he is a immoral man with no sense of decency as Pirate himself is disseminating against woman.

  • Yes I did go and testify against John.
    Many years ago I was asked by some people to give evidence in a vilification court thing against John. This was due to him being a right f#%ker. I did give evidence, I never lied as I take that kind of junk serious. John was found guilty and fined. He broke the law. Not me.
  • I have never organized people to go catch his cab.
    People have reported getting his cab here a few times because he mentions us. I only know of two people getting his cab in the entire nine years of this site.
another one Pirate is totaly wrong with as i would not be driving a Taxi - or an accredited operator - or even be able to finish my degrees and get my awards if I was seen to be as he states in these writings.

Yes, John is mental.
Sunol was involved in a car accident that left him brain damaged. I dare say that contributes to his hate toward us. So please keep this in mind when dealing with him.

I will finish with this: these are not facts, they are all lies and this man is an unethical trouble maker as with the Rod swift who wrote these sites as well and the Gary Burns who is taking me to the ADT on unethical basis who is also as well as being a serial litigant a plain out trouble maker, NOT A PROPER ACTIVIST - HE IS ONLY OUT FOR SELF GRATIFICATION AND SELF INTEREST

John Sunol facts - these are not facts they are plain straight out lies and I will challenge this Pirate in front of the courts with that Rod Swift who also defames me with these lies.

I think John needs to understand what defamation is.

Source: http://johnsunol.blogspot.com/2011/09/pirate-of-zgeek-is-lying-asshole.html

Sunday, September 4, 2011

John Sunol: unstoppble

-- I know that I have left zgeek alone for some time, but others have set me up and delted my old yahoo account on false accsuations.

Iam fighting Gay Burns and your groups in full as you are wrong. Not me

I will never recognise fault.

I now have a secure e-mail and this is my new e-mail

it is for you to know but I will contact no more.


I will never accept fault and I call you and others on zgeek a bunchof
internet thugs

I have litteraly thousands of followers and people to read my writings
without Zgeek being able to stop me in any way. Neither you nor that Gary
Bruns can do anytghing to stop me. I am unstoppble

Yours in interest


For the record. I nor anyone I know did any such thing. More thank likely someone just complained to the service provider about John's abusive emails.

Jihad on ZGeek

Pirate and his goonybirds

Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 17:33:37 +1000 [08/06/2011 05:33:37 PM EST]
From: John Sunol
To: pirate
Subject: Pirate and his goonybirds on zgeek are only trouble making assholes
-- I wish to tell you this Pirate,

Post this if you like but you can not hurt me as all the peopel that I
respect do not respect your site either so you are at a loss.

Gary lost this case big time and so will you if you take me on.

I will leave you alone but if you decided to take me on, bring it on buster.
please gring it on and we will go to war.

I mean business

You and your fools on zgeek are nothing but trouble making assholes who I
will reslish fighting in full\

so if you like we can decalre war on each other and I do not care



*John Sunol´s rant <http://johnsunol.blogspot.com/>*

Keep on shutting your mouth

Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 13:29:37 +1000 [01:29:37 PM EST]
From: John Sunol
To: pirate
Subject: keep on shutting your mouth you will be fine buster, but start up again and all hell blows out loose between me and those fools on zgeek

Listen to me pirate

I mean busisness and i am not joking this time.

You are the trrouble - not me so do NOT START AGAIN OR I WILL GO YOU

What is this?

I run a website at http://www.zgeek.com

Because I appeared as a witness in legal proceedings against John Sunol. I am a target for his rants and bile.

Since I don't want to involve my site. I am going to post the correspondence this man sends me so you all can see what this guy is truly like.

Mr Sunol has been warned that I will post these messages if he doesn't stop emailing me. Unfortunately he continues to email.